What is the aim of DataLotus ?

We are trying to create the product ecosystem, by connecting all the products to each other based on the manufacturing process. On top of that we will TAG articles, case studies, video files to create a knowledge centre for the user. You can also find out suppliers for each individual products here.

What is the definition of a Product on DataLotus platform ?

The products will mean a raw material, equipment or anything man-made that can be sold or bought. To make a car you require many different products that are sold individually like headlights, tires. If any of these parts are sold in the market, they are considered a individual products and should be part of the chain.

Can we link intermediate products ?

Intermediate products which are not sold in the market will not be considered in the chain building process

Can we use our company's product name ?

Product name should reflect a generic term and a brand name used by a company should not be used.

Would products with different specifications considered different products ?

A same product with different specifications will be considered the same product. We will not be creating chain for different specifications of the product. If the product with different specification has different production process and have different end use, then they would be considered different products.

I know my product is used in different application areas ? Can I link it to the application area ?

Applications areas are not considered products. For example, automotive is an application, car is a product.